Program Management Software for a Complex World

Managing complexity and scale has become increasingly challenging, not only for deploying major IT projects, but any project in an environment where program managers are handling multiple projects. All too often we hear of missed launch dates, projects brought in over budget and delivering below expectations, and of course, the autopsy over allocating who is to blame for a failed program!

The question is this: are you looking to get promoted or fired at the end of the project?

If your answer is fired, you don’t need to worry about reading further.

If you’re looking to be hired, or even better, promoted for successfully deploying multiple projects of any scale, then JobTraQ is for you.

JobTraQ: The Ultimate Program Management Solution

JobTraQ has been developed by Swift Software and is currently used successfully by NASA, the US Marine Corps, Raytheon, the FDA, Lockheed Martin and a host of other commercial, non-profit and government agencies.

Using JobTraQ, program managers and project leaders are able to deliver projects on time and on budget.

JobTraQ Benefits & Features

JobTraQ makes planning much simpler and easier to perform. JobTraQ comes laden with features and functionality to allow you to quickly and simply perform the following:

  • Scheduling – including maintaining an accurate timeline and a full audit trail of work undertaken, which means you get an accurate assessment of how long work will take, identify workflow bottlenecks before you become operational, saving valuable time and operational resources.
  • Forecasting – using data collected from real-time workflows of existing and closed projects and programs, you will be able to build and maintain an accurate database for forecasting, which means your forecasts will be closer to actual performance leading to cost savings and avoidance of cost overruns.
  • Resource Allocation – again using real-time resource utilization data from existing and closed projects, you are able to accurately assess resource allocation for any new proposed project. This means you will be more effective in making the case for program resource allocations in order to maintain a project timeline, thereby avoiding the potential for bringing a project in overdue.

JobTraQ also provides extensive features to assist you with:

  • Time Tracking – including the use of customizable timers, so all time can be tracked working on any activity (these can also be turned off as required).
  • Task Management – JobTraQ is a state of the art task management system, tried and tested by small and large organizations and is fully customizable to how you do business.
  • Role Based Permission Settings – permission settings are fully customizable and allow you to set who can see or gain access to any data, tasks lists, perform editing and changes. JobTraQ allows you to control exactly who gets access to the project platform, securing your data and keeping everyone on track while providing an audit trail.
  • Analysis & Reporting – you are able to access and present information as you need it, making it simple to identify program ROI, resource productivity and overall profitability of the program. JobTraQ provides a wizard-based reporting UI, with full export & API functionality and complete flexibility in scheduling.

Successful program management has never been within such easy reach of your business or organization – request a demonstration today by clicking on this link.

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