Things to Consider When Buying a Program Management Software Solution

Depending on your business model and project development environment, you will choose either a desktop or on premises solution or a cloud-based or SaaS version. There are pros and cons to each: on premises software tends to allow for faster and larger file transfers using a one-off, fixed cost licensing model. SaaS versions allow for more effective team collaboration, with mobile and remote workers being connected or global teams working on different schedules to operate together effectively. Cloud-based program management software solutions also allow mobile team members to access the PM platform irrespective of their geographical location.

JobTraQ Comes In Both On Premises and SaaS Versions!


Program requirements will evolve as the project unfolds, particularly if the program grows in scale. Some business niches require very unique feature sets which can be molded to suit their own, very particular workflows.

JobTraQ is the market leader in Lean BPM, and is fully-customizable by the customer with minimal training. There is no need for significant IT involvement to deploy or operate JobTraQ.
JobTraQ is intuitive and flexible, and is able to align with your specific program management needs with ease.


How many times have you heard of, or personally experienced the headache caused by integrating a PM solution? The point of a program management solution is to manage the project, creating a lean, effective series of processes that deliver value, not to add to the cost and complexity!

JobTraQ has been designed with a robust API and is simple, fast and easy to deploy. Don’t believe us – speak to our clients – just ask for references!

User adoption is also one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, and with an easy-to-use, intuitive GUI, JobTraQ is simple and easy to learn how to use. We provide full training on your premises or at our head office. Again, don’t take our word for how easy JobTraQ is to use – ask for references and speak with our existing clients.

Successful program management has never been within such easy reach of your business or organization – request a demonstration today by clicking on this link.

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